Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Home Equity Introductory Rate Special!

Take out a new home equity line of credit
and your interest rate for the first year will be only 2.9% APR.
No application fee, no appraisal fees, no closing costs and no annual fees!
This special is valid until 6/30/14.


Please be aware that fraudulent emails related to the Target breach have recently been sent. These emails look like they are from Target and claim that your card may have been compromised.

Please proceed with caution if you receive any emails from Target. Do not open any links that might be included in the emails. Target will post any and all emails to their breach related site so their customers will know the difference between valid and phishing emails.


Village Bank & Trust ATMs

Members wishing to use Village Bank and Trust ATMs for withdrawals should access their AAEC account online via Virtual Branch to read an important message regarding limitations.
If you do not have online access, you may call us at 847-392-1922.


Want to skip your next loan payment?

You may purchase "skips" for any of your qualifying loan(s).
Simply click the link, fill out the request and return it to us.


Is your bank charging a monthly fee for your checking account?

We won't! Our checking accounts pay a monthly dividend, require no minimum balance, and allow you to have either an ATM or debit card. Come by the office or call for details.



Looking for a fast, easy, secure way to receive your AAEC statement? Sign up for e-Statements. Log on to your account, select the " self-service" button, and click the e-Statement link to enroll. You will receive an email notice at the end of the month when your e-Statement is available.


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